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February 02, 2005


Dawn  Wilson

My 23 year old son had a stroke. His place of employment has not sent him w-2. I have requested a w-2 by registered mail, but nothing yet.

Please advise.

Thank you,
Dawn Wilson


If you no longer work for an employer and you send a written request for your W-2 does the employer have 30 days to mail your W-2 or do they still have until Jan. 31st?

Michelle C.

I worked for a company that went bankrupt. They have not sent my W-2 as of the 7th of February.
I have called the person that is dealing with it and she said that ill get the W-2 when it gets here. That she is no rush because the company is no longer in business.
Is there any thing i can do besides waiting on her to send them out?
I dont have any correct information, because the time I worked with them they used 3 different type of payroll companies and never fowarded the year to date to each company when they changed.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter.
Michelle C.
Baton Rouge, LA

antonio lozano v

my husbands former employer filed bankrupcy and the company is closed and it is afer jan 31,2008 i we stil have not recieved his w-2. what are we supposed to do? The phone # is disconnected so we cant call them so now what happens.


If you do not get a W-2, a substitute W-2 (Form 4852) can be completed and used to file. You can base the wage info on the final check stub or any info that you have.

Andrea Masci

The company I worked for was a restaurant and he is no longer in business, I contacted the payroll company and they said he owed them money from the last time they did payroll. He owes them $200.00 and they are not sending w-2's till he pays them. What can I do I just want my w-2 to file my taxes?

Gunnison Hunt

I worked for a sports pub that is now out of business. We have yet to recieve our w2's and some of us our final checks. He paid us in cash every two weeks and our check stubs have none of the companys information on them. What can I do?

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