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June 03, 2008


Just got my CP2000

What is the best course of action if I feel the information is incorrect and/or I was not in a position to pay this accordingly?


On the response page, pg 3, there are 3 boxes to mark; agree with changes, agree with part of the changes, or disagree with proposed changes. Mark 2 or 3 and then explain, and DOCUMENT why you don't agree. Mail that info and everything else they want (response sheet, cover letter) in the envelope provided. If it doesn't fit in that envelope, mail to the service center on the first page not where you mailed your original return. Please remember the burden of proof is now on you, so explain completely and send copies of your documentation.
If the IRS is correct but you can't pay the full amount, use the installment agreement, Form 9465, that should have been enclosed.

R Jones

There are more than 300 possible computer notices the IRS can send out to a taxpayer. The IRS computer system is ridiculously vast. It can generate notices on a taxpayer for a simple math or clerical error to a full on audit that determines you owe additional taxes. If you challenge one of these notices ALWAYS send your response with CONFIRMED delivery.


Are these ever sent by email? I dont know if I have a virus or a real notice.


i also received one by email today but couldn;t connect to the website so think it is a virus


CP2000 are not sent by email. If you receive one do not open it or click on the link. Check irs.gov and phishing for more information


I received a CP2000, and after review, I found I made a mistake (left off an income source). So I'll correct, but what's the chance I can get the penalties waived? I not only ommitted the income source, but I failed to report the withheld portion as well. In my opinion, it validates my position that I just made a mistake - no fraud here.


You can always ask.


I got a CP2000 stating that I owed $2600. In examining the notice, I found that the IRS had recorded my social security tax in my federal tax (as reported by others). I have a W-2C that shows the correct amount that my employer filed with the IRS well before I filed and I used those correct amounts...appears somehow the SS tax amount was duplicated in the Fed Tax Paid amount in IRS records.

I responded that I do not agree with the changes and sent a copy of the corrected W-2C along with a brief explanation of what I believe occured. Anything else I should do?


You did what you needed to do. Now you have to wait. If you get a second notice about this issue, remember it is a auto response and what you sent in may not have been posted to that computer. So respond by letter or phone to the new letter with the same info.

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