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February 05, 2011


Jeffrey Horrow

I agree with your blog about extra billing. I have heard from a few people that there are preparers out there trying to hit a home run. I like many good preparers build a practice and look at the long haul. Client loyalty.


"Please remember-until the return walks out the door and/or is e-filed, you have the right to ask for your papers back."

You always have the right to your papers back.


Once the return is e-filed or walked out the door you should have a full copy of your return and all extra papers back since your have generally paid for the return. There are very few preparers who will let you file the return and pay later.

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A good preparer has a pricing procedure. It could be based on time spent doing the return, the forms used, there are several options. They shouldn't have a problem telling you how they calculated their price. Don't expect them to change their price just because you don't like it. But they might find a mistake in the pricing. Even if they don't change the price, you might see why the price is justified.

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