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March 28, 2012



The nerve of the idiot to tell youto remove your article. The truth is the truth! Glory be to God that the light is finally shining on ITS! I used these people in Arlington, TX and they have done me and a few other people the same way. I have contacted the BBB, OAG, IRS and the local news! I just hope Texas can get a lawsuit next! They charged me $600 in fees and I want my money back!

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Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

Angry competitor in Indianapolis

This is great news. I have been waiting for three years for the government to act on this. This is a company built on deception from the top down. Justice prevails!


Thank God something is being done about these LOW LIFES! They filed my return without my knowledge THE DAY AFTER i filed a complaint against them w/ the BBB and informed the manager I would be returning the $100 given to me in the disguise of their so-called Holiday Loan. they also deposited and kept the money. I refiled with the IRS 2/9/12 and was told today I have about 6mos to go before I see my money... Its disgusting that the IRS has known about and allowed them to do this to people and, we the consumers are being punished! I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit here in Sacramento,Ca.

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