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December 15, 2011


Cindy Galford

Excellent! But can't afford to have one in my values have dropped enough. Seriously, I like what you are saying Trish.

test taking incentives

Great suggestions, I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Randy Eickhoff, CPA

I think removing their salaries (they don't need it anyway), requiring that any money or other benefits received from lobbyists be contributed to the general fund and a mandatory annual internal audit (or proper internal controls implemented) be conducted would be a good place to start. While we are at it, perhaps any Congressman/woman that owes taxes or has tax liens, be suspended from voting on any bill until they have been paid should be implemented.

Since they are the only ones that can write a bill to be voted on, I won't hold my breath for any of the above reforms.


This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

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