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January 14, 2012



I Used ITS and they are a SCAM! My check came back shorter because they over charged me in fees! $800! And no I dont owe the IRS. Never have. Fortunately my check didnt bounce. Im currently disputing the fees bc my preparer agreed the fees were too much and supposedly sent a complaint form to Tax Tree regarding the fees. And get this, the form states someone should be getting back with me within 6-8 weeks???!!! That's BS! First off 6-8 weeks is a very inappropriate turn around time for anything! You first sent my taxes off without my W2, which causes me to wait an additional 8-12 weeks for the rest of my money, then you tell me I have to wait 6-8 weeks for Tax tree??? Im LIVID! ITS needs to be shut down! I would remove NO BLOG about ITS. As a matter of fact Im going to make my own blog and dare them to ask me to take it down!

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