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January 22, 2013


Robert D Flach


Thanks for responding to my call for comments.

My response to your response will be included in a new post at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL tomorrow morning.

I do agree that the key to any tax preparer designation is the education of taxpayers. This would be a priority of the NIRTRPs.

Thanks again for your thoughtful insights.


Michael Gifford

I fully agree with you on the testing. It should be for everybody. My wife has been doing taxes for about a decade (she started out working for the franchise chains, ended up working for all 3 of those and ran an office in 1 for years when her clients talked her into starting her own, we aren't big yet but we are striving for that goal) and has always made sure to follow all new and existing tax laws and changes. She welcomed the RTRP test and due to unforseen circumstances (my being laid off) she had to schedule her exam for April 2013 we have already paid for this exam that she may not be able to take now. But she is determined to continue on with becoming an EA. Just wish the IRS would respond so everybody would know where they stand. Taxes are my wifes driving force, she actually loves them, not being able to have that RTRP designation before season opens killed her so this year we strive for the designation of EA. Oh and by the way LOVE the blog!


I agree with you 100%, with one question.

When you say everyone who prepares returns, you do mean "everyone", CPAs, Attorneys, ... "Everyone" who does returns for compensation, right?


Bruce -Remember we're talking about hypothetical voluntary testing which I would open to everyone. But since it's a voluntary program, I wouldn't expect CPAs or attorneys would consider they needed to take the test.
However, I thought they should have been included in the IRS testing.

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